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Christian's List of Tauben

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Lockheed Constellation N73544 "Star of Switzerland"

A small collection of pictures I took of this vintage aircraft.

Support the Super Constellation Flyers Association, who operate the aircraft on a not-for-profit basis.

Emily Dickinson...

You know, when Americanists die,
And in the corner, there lays my LOADED GUN.

Find books by and about Emily Dickinson @ Amazon

James Joyce

If you've never read James Joyce's Ulysses, you'll never get a faster walk-through than here: Ulysses for Dummies.

Read the real thing! Ulysses, Engl. ed.

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Umlaute ... Ümlæûté

Have you ever wondered why hardly any HTML editors offer you a workable option to include those icky ISO 8859 special characters in your files? Here's a table that helped me learn them.

Lead Quotes for the past century

"This young soldiers' leg is not a pretty sight. Neither are the docks of Wilhelmshaven." (William Wyler, Memphis Belle, 1944.)
"Ich erinnere mich, daß Nasenpopel einfach zu schnell hart wurden, als daß man etwas wirklich Großes daraus hätte schaffen können." (Uli Becker, Alles kurz und klein. Zürich: Haffmans, 1990, p. 7.)
"Beim Wurschteln ist jeder allein." (My Mom, anytime since 1992.)


Here's my famous list of Tauben on the Web. This list is as complete as possible and will be continually updated. (Disclaimer: This list of links is only a list, not an implied endorsement of linked content.)

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